Specialists in the supply of products into the paper & packaging industry.
A leading independent paperboard company - portfolio includes:-
   Duplex recycled coated cartonboard  GD2,GD3.
 Duplex recycled  un-coated cartonboard   UD2
  Triplex recycled coated cartonboard   GT1, GT2.
  Virgin Fibre Coated Folding Boxboard GC1 GC2
SBS, Cup stock.
Metalised  paper.
Mill representation and stock availabilty.

Market activities are crossborder
United Kingdom, Continental Europe and Asia.
Cartospan - Coated White Lined Duplex Board Greyback - Re-cycled- (FSC)
 Cartospan - Coated White Lined Triplex Board White Back- Re-cycled - (FSC)
     Cartospan - Coated White Lined Triplex Cream back Board - Re-cycled- (FSC)
  Cartospan PE  -  All of the above with grease barrier Option - (FSC)
Enterprise - Envelope Board - (PEFC)
BBN - Brown board -   Re-cycled (FSC)
VPGGN - Greyboard - Re-cycled (FSC)
VPW - Un-coated White Lined Duplex Board Greyback-Re-cycled (FSC)
VPWW - Un-coated White Lined Duplex Two Sided-Re-cycled (FSC)
Dualcoat - 2 Side Coated Triplex Board - Re-cycled - (FSC)
EtiMet/L - Metalised Label Paper - (PEFC)
EtiMet/G - Giftwrap Paper - (PEFC)  
Pearl - Coated Duplex Cream back GC2 - (FSC/ISEGA food compliant)
Oyster - Coated Duplex Whiteback GC1 - (FSC/ISEGA food compliant)
 Pacific Poly -SBS 1 side PE Coat  - (PEFC)
 Atlantic Poly- SBS 2 side PE Coat - (PEFC)


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